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They found these despite being told that some documents would likely be missing. According to the letter, St. Francis staff told the auditors that trip request forms were not the primary means used to track transportation services. However, the letter said, “no alternative trip documentation or summaries were offered.” Controversy and concern about St. Francis began as soon as DHHS officials announced plans to contract with the nonprofit to oversee the care of abused and neglected children in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. St. Francis won the $197 million, five-year contract by offering to do the job for 60% of the bid from PromiseShip, the Omaha-based contractor that had managed area child welfare cases for almost a decade. The original contract was signed in July 2019. But Nebraska ended up signing a new emergency contract with St. Francis in late January that erased the cost difference with PromiseShip. DHHS officials signed the contract visit here after St.


FRCE aces quality management surveillance audit with zero findings “As the first Fleet Readiness Center to complete an AS9110 audit with zero findings, it’s clear that our team’s hard work is paying off,” said Tina Rowe, MRO Production director at FRCE. “We are becoming the benchmark for the enterprise in how we do business; now, we need to keep the momentum going and sustain our standings so our customers continue to send work and to entice new customers and their potential workload.” AS9110 assesses the processes, procedures and efficiencies of an organization’s quality management system. Conformance to the AS9110 standard is voluntary, and represents an above-and-beyond commitment to quality, said David Spencer, director of the Standards Division within FRCE’s Compliance and Quality Department. “Customers can bring their business here knowing that our services are going to meet or exceed the intent of industry certification standards,” he explained. “Because we maintain this industry standard, our customers don’t need to come into our depot and do their own review of our processes. They can rest assured knowing that we’re certified, that our systems are going to be right and tight, and that we’re going to get the job done with their products.” Having the AS9110 certification makes FRCE an attractive choice for potential industry customers and helps the command retain existing customers, added FRCE Quality Manager Jeffrey O’Connell.


On July 13, 2020, Gold’s Gym announced that RSG Group would acquire the company and its assets, allowing them to breathe new life into the iconic American heritage brand and catapulting RSG Group to its leadership position. On March 17, 2021, the first U.S. John Reed opened additional reading with its flagship location in the center of Downtown Los Angeles. Surrounded by modern high-rises and spanning over 33,000 square feet, John Reed is a unique symbiosis of fitness, music, and design. Merging functionality with a club-like atmosphere, John Reed goes beyond the typical gym experience. Each of the 40 locations around the world have their own distinct style and personality reflective of the culturally rich neighborhoods they are set in. Art highlights include original pieces by LA’s highly recognized muralist, Robert Vargas, Berlin street-art duo Ron Miller, and Los Angeles-based abstract artist Jaime Guerrero. Combining hi-fi with fitness, the body-rocking club hosts live DJs, both local and international, for five sets a week. At the helm of the quickly growing American headquarters for the German-founded company is Sebastian Schoepe, President of RSG Group North America and CEO of Gold’s Gym. During his ten years with the group, Sebastian’s leadership, expertise, and entrepreneurial perspective served RSG Group internationally as he has led many strategic initiatives throughout the group’s expedited growth worldwide.